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World Tea Club

The Tao of Tea offers, by mail every month, a collection of artisan quality pure leaf teas from China, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and other tea producing countries.

These teas are gathered by us in conjunction with other tea connoisseurs, tea associations, annual tea competitions and tea gardens devoted to promoting the art of tea. Due to the extraordinary effort required in processing these teas, some of these teas are produced in quantities of only a few hundred pounds for the entire year, and are therefore examples of tea at its highest level in cultivation, preparation, creativity, and soul.

How the Club Works

During the middle of each month, you will receive three teas in classic tins, chosen by The Tao of Tea. Depending on the tea, each sample will typically make 25-30 cups of tea.

A Special Gift for Joining

As a way of expressing our gratitude, we would like to offer a special gift for becoming a World Tea Club member. If you sign-up for four months or more, we will include a free Teapot along with your first month's teas.

Send a Friend on an

"Around the World Tea Adventure"

A gift of fine teas from around the world is a unique way to remember those special occasions - weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. Your gift can be sent for any period of time.

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