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Original Tao

Tea Selections
Although our teahouse offers the largest selection of teas in Portland, Oregon, you can still request a personal blend of your choice of teas and herbs.  Our selections vary by season to keep abreast with freshness.  We serve all categories of tea, namely:

White Teas:  from China, India and Sri Lanka

Traditional Japanese Green Teas:  from Shizuoka and other regions of Japan.  As special offerings, we often bring in small quantities of competition grade Senchas and Gyokuros.

Classic Greens from Hunan and Zhejiang, China:  These are classic green tea regions of China and we offer several varietals from each.

Taiwanese Oolongs:  We carry oolongs from all of the main mountain regions such as Ali Shan, Shan Lin Xi, Dong Ding, Wen Shan and more.

Indian Chai, Darjeelings, Assams and Nilgiris:  Voted as the best Chai in Portland by several local journals, we brew several kinds of Chai fresh upon request.  We do not use concentrates and offer traditional choices in sweeteners and dairy.

Yunnan Puers:  The teahouse offers both Sheng (Raw) and Shou (cooked) styles of Puers. In addition, on our specials board we offer aged Puers as well as Puers from famous tea mountains.

Vietnamese Handcrafted Teas:  Made exclusively for us. Enjoy hand made Vietnamese greens and famous Lotus Teas

Caffeine Free Herbals:  A whole variety of herbs are available - feel free to create your own personal blend.

South American Yerba Mate:  Enjoy the drink with traditional Mate gourds and bambillas

Japanese Matcha (Powdered Green Tea)

Iced Options include several caffeinated and caffeine-free teas. Also offered are Tea smoothies, shakes and Indian Lassi

Fresh Kombucha:  We make a fresh batch of Kombucha every week.  Come discover new flavors and blends typically not available in the marketplace.

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