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Original Tao

International Food

We pour a lot of heart into making our food at the teahouse.  Many of our items are made fresh and at your request.  Some of our specialties include fresh Dal and flatbreads.  These have gained a lot of popularity in Portland.  The menu offers a variety in International food to complement your tea experience.  The choices begin from simple snacks to full entrees and delightful desserts. Below are some Examples from our menu:


$4     Edamame'.  A famous Japanese snack.  Served Chilled.

$5     Age'. Lightly fried tofu from Portland?s oldest Tofu maker, served warm with a soy ginger sauce.

$4     Powdered Green Tea Tofu Supreme. Very unique texture, steamed and thinly sliced tofu sprinkled with ?Matcha?powdered green tea, lime and pinck of cayenne.

$6   Mixed Vegetable Dumplings.  Steamed lightly and served with our special ginger soy sauce and sesame seeds.

$5   Hummus and Kalamata Olives served with warm pita bread.
$6   Mixed greens salad with apples, marinated black beans and cranberries tossed in a hibiscus tea dressing.

$7   Spinach Rolls.  Classic tea snack from Southeast Asia.  Fresh spinach leaves served with a variety of condiments -       ginger, red onions, peanuts, toasted coconut, mango chutney, and lime. Enjoy the variety by rolling a   
       different flavor combination each time.

$6   Somosas. Potato wrapped in a lightly fried pastry crust with mild indian seasonings.


$7  Dal & Rice. A popular teahouse dish.  Seasoned lentils served over basmati rice.  We make a different type of dal    every day.  Please ask us for today's selection.

$8  Besan ka Pura:  Traditional Indian crepe made from chickpea flour and filled with tomatoes, red onions, and    seasoned with fresh cilantro and ground cumin. Served with mixed greens, dal and raita. 

$9  Aloo Parantha: A teahouse tradition.  Whole wheat flatbread filled with potatoes, onions, cilantro, and Indian    spices.  Served with mixed greens, dal, and raita.


$4  Baklava
$4  Lemon Tart
$4  Chocolate Ganache
$5  Housemade Gingerbread served with blueberry sauce
$5  Mango Berry Cake
$6  Coconut Date Flatbread. Our all time favorite.  Whole wheat flatbread filled with mejdool dates and topped
          w/toasted  shredded coconut and honey
$5  Smoked Vanilla Tea Ice Cream. A teahouse exclusive. 

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