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Soaring Crane
Tea Filter Cups
South Korea
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Tea Filter Cups are ideal for brewing pure leaf teas. Each set includes a handcrafted cup, removable ceramic tea infuser and lid. Simply add leaves to the strainer, pour water and cover with lid to infuse. Afterward, remove lid and keep inverted, place infuser on inverted lid (lid is designed to catch any drips) and enjoy the brew.

Soaring Cranes
Cranes are symbolic of good luck and longevity in Korea. Light colored Koryo celadon with inlay design of soaring cranes.

Koryo Celadon
The art of Koryo Celadon was first practiced during the period of Korean history known as the Koryo period – 918 to 1392 C.E.. ‘Celadon’ means blue colored porcelain in Korean. It is, in fact, the deep blue – green color that sets Koryo Celadon apart as being special. It is the result of careful combination of different colored clay. Another unique aspect of Koryo Celadon is that it is fired twice. The item is fired first at around 750 degrees Celsius. Then the surface of the pottery is coated with a glaze that contains calcium carbonate as well as about two percent iron. Next it is put into the kiln for the second time. This time the temperature is increased to about 1300 degrees Celsius. In this firing, the air supply to the kiln is limited, which results in the presence of carbon monoxide.

Approx. 3" d., 2.75" h. (without lid). 6 ounce capacity.

Packaged in a artisan wooden box with fabric ties. Ideal for protective storage or for a gift.

Avoid using any soap on the filter. The base of the filter is unglazed and will absorb the soap chemicals. Instead, simply use warm water and rinse well. Microwave / dishwasher safe.

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