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100% Organic
Sun Ripened Raw Puer
Old Growth Teas
Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
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Flavor Profile:Clean, slightly pickled taste, with a mildly cooling aroma.Ingredients:Organic Puer Tea LeavesCertified Organic by:Quality Assurance International (QAI)
Maocha (Raw Puer) is the first step in making Puer. In making Maocha, the newly plucked leaf is first rolled (old style techniques involved hand rolling, while newer techniques utilize a simple ball roller). After rolling, the leaf is sun-ripened to season. Some processors will use a tunnel roaster to dry the leaf. We find, sometimes these roasters lead to overly roasted or 'burnt' taste. The Sun-ripened Maocha is very balanced in its flavor profile.

Aging Maocha
As the name implies, Raw Maocha is conducive to aging, as with time the flavor qualities will mature and offer a fuller bodied brew. Tea growers and merchants will sometimes store their Maocha uptil the point when they feel it has achieved a level of maturity, to be converted into a Bing Cha (round cake) or Zhuan Cha (brick tea) or simply kept in leaf form.

Puer Storage
The aging of Puer only happens well if the storage climate is also conducive. Yunnan has a lot of humidity and warm weather. People will sometimes store Puer in the highest room in the house, that may have many windows to allow circulation. If the leaf gets too hot or too cold, or is not allowed to breathe, it wil not age well.
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