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100% Organic
Darjeeling Prithvi
Darjeeling Black Teas
Darjeeling, India
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Flavor Profile:Complex texture, bright with fruity undertones and pleasant dryness. This is our favorite Darjeeling tea of 2012 season. Ingredients:Organic Black Tea LeavesCertified Organic by:Quality Assurance International (QAI)
From the highest elevation tea garden in Darjeeling, India and the first to go organic and fair trade certified in the region. This is a 2012 season DJ-2 invoice, meaning it was the second batch of this year's new plucking season. The initial batches of a tea garden are generally more sought after and offer brighter, fresher flavors. We have strong friendship with this garden and are fortunate to be able to help highlight the quality and artisanship of Darjeeling tea. Made only the top buds and newly sprouted leaves.
Water Temp
°F (°C)
Quality of WaterQuantity of Leaf
(tsp / 8oz water)
Steep Time
185°F (85°C)Best with Spring water152
We recommend using filtered water at 180F temperature for steeping for four minutes.
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Small Wonder Tin (1 oz.) 55
By the Ounce 45