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Lu Yu Yixing
Yixing Clayware
Yixing, China
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Located on the western side of Lake Tai in Jiangsu province, China, Yixing (pronounced ‘ee shing’) is renowned as the source for the world famous teapots made from clay. There are several types of Yixing clays (dark brown, purple, green and yellow) with unique properties. The final result of the clays is dependent on their age, fermentation, mix and firing temperature. In other words, the same clay fired at different temperatures results in a totally unique finish. High quality Yixing teapots are hand made by experienced artisans. Lower quality teapots are molded with sometimes cheaper, alternative clay.

Yixing - Ideal for Tea Brewing
The distinctive earthenware pots made from this clay have been used for over a millennia. Though originally used for wine and water, resourceful tea drinking monks discovered Zisha pots to be ideal vessels for tea brewing. Not only does the semi-porous nature of the clay help to retain heat, but also absorbs the oils from the leaves, subtly seasoning each teapot with the tea’s flavor and fragrance.

Since regular use seasons this teapot, we suggest using it only for one category of tea (white, green, oolong, etc.).

Rare Zhu Ni Clay
The most prized of all Yixing clays is the red Zhu Ni clay. It is not as porous as the Purple 'Zisha' clay. Regarded extinct, very limited sources today are able to offer teapots made from this clay. Many believe that 90% of all teapots claiming this denotation in the market could be fake. A good way to determine if the teapot is made from real Zhu Ni is to look for texture under the surface. It will appear that there is some sand under the surface. This feature becomes even more apparent when the teapot is warm.

Gongfu Style Brewing
This teapot is ideal for the Gongfu style of brewing which is native to Fujian province, China and Taiwan. The style encompasses several tea utensils, including a small teapot (3 to 5 ounces) while typically using oolong tea or puer tea. The essence of the Gongfu style is to enjoy tea in a ceremonial setting where the tea-preparer's hospitality is highlighted. The tea is prepared in small brewing rounds and poured into a small pitcher, then into individual cups. The process is very engaging and exudes 'Cha Tao' - a term used to describe tea spirit.

Gift Box Packaging
The Yixing Classic teapot comes packaged in an attractive gift box covered with matte black fabric. Ideal for protective storage or for a gift.

3.75" d. (without handle/spout), 3.75" h. (with lid). 6 ounce capacity.
Proper care for your teaware will ensure longevity. Do not use any abrasive materials, heavy perfumed soap or bleach in cleaning your teapot. Simply rinse after each use with boiling water. Tilt the lid open or place open on a rack to air dry. When the clay is adequately seasoned, a soft, clean towel can be used to polish the outside of the teapot.