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Woven Grass
Cast Iron Teapots
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Each $45.00

Matte green outside finish with wild grass design. Gloss black enamel inside. Includes a removable stainless steel infuser for ease in brewing pure leaf teas.

Size: 6.25" d. x 2.5" h. 22 ounce capacity.

The origin of cast iron teapots is beleived to be in China. Traditionally, they were used as kettles for boiling water. With the advent of Zen in Japan, these teapots (known as Tetsubin in Japanese) became more popular. They adopted the aesthetic elements of Zen into their designs and emerged in the last century as more of a tea service item.

The use of cast iron emerged due to its ability to distribute heat evenly and keep the brew warm for extended periods.

In making the cast iron teapots, wooden patterns are first made to develop the design. Wood allows the artisan to intricately etch, carve or shape the teapot. For production, the wooden patterns are converted into metal patterns (the use of the material varies as per the manufacturer) and subsequently to sand molds. Molten cast iron at 1600 celsius is poured into the molds in the final making of the teapots. Lastly, details and cleaning are performed.
Proper care of the cast iron teapots will ensure longevity and proper seasoning. Upon receipt, please rinse inside of teapot with warm water. We do not recommend using soap or any abrasive materials. After rinsing the pots, use a dry towel to remove any remaining moisture in pot. We do not recommend using this pot on stove top or for boiling water.
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