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100% Organic
Jade Bamboo
Famous Chinese Green Teas
Guangxi Province, China
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Flavor Profile:Sweet, smooth, vegetal taste, with an aroma like young bamboo.Ingredients:100% Organic Green Tea Leaves.Certified Organic by:Quality Assurance International (QAI)
Also known as Maojian, Jade Bamboo is from a ceritifed organic tea plantation in Guangxi province, China. The leaves have silver colored hairy tips. Made in early spring with the true artisan skill of pan-roasting the leaves. The traditional art of pan-roasting over low heat helps develop the flavor fully and gives it a good, balanced, toasted aroma.
Water Temp
°F (°C)
Quality of WaterQuantity of Leaf
(tsp / 8oz water)
Steep Time
160°F (71°C)Best with Spring water22-32-3
Large-leaf Chinese green teas are known for their full flavor and smoothness. To attain this balance and avoid too much bitterness or astringency, we recommend using slightly cooler water. If the water is too hot, the leaf will “stew”, creating a bitter, “spinachy” cup. Moderately hot water, 150 to 170 F, with two loose teaspoons of leaf per cup and a steeping of 2 to 3 minutes provides 2 to 3 satisfying infusions.
Another common method would be to enjoy the tea “Chinese style”. Merely place a few leaves at the bottom of a cup or glass, add hot water, and cover. After a couple minutes or so the leaf will unfurl and sink to the bottom of the vessel allowing you to drink from the top. When the water is down to just over the leaves, simply add more water. This style provides many infusions for a small amount of leaf.