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Green Leaf Pu-er
Pu-er "Leaf" Selections
Cangyuan, Yunnan, China
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Flavor Profile:Refreshing, smoky and cool aroma that is both sweet and slightly brisk in flavor.Ingredients:Green Pu-er Leaves.
This Pu-er comes from the Jing Mai Mountains in Southern Yunnan. Long, stylish, twisted leaf from the 'Da Ye'(broad leaf) tea varietal. The leaves are not allowed to oxidize very long and thus maintain a deep green hue with some silver tips.

Pu-er Tea
The history of pu-er tea originates from the small town of Puer in Yunnan. Teas shipped along the Silk Road to Tibet, India and beyond, gained a characteristic earthy, musky aroma and smooth, sweet slightly smoky taste due to the humid environment and long journey. A special tea processing techinque emerged to allow the leaves to continue to ferment over time, and so that the mature taste would develop at the end of the long caravan journey. Tea scholars have also contributed that there is an inherent special characteristic in the tea plant varietal Da Ye ('Big Leaf' varietal of Camellia assamica). This varietal is abundant across the entire Yunnan Province, parts of Burma, Assam in India and Northern Thailand.

While classic pu-ers are made from old growth tea plants (several hundred years old and wildgrown), cooked style pu-ers are mostly made from newly propogated plants that are cultivated every season. The leaf processing imitates the effects of the long journeys and humid environments.
Water Temp
°F (°C)
Quality of WaterQuantity of Leaf
(tsp / 8oz water)
Steep Time
170°F (77°C)Best with Spring water22-33-4
Traditional pu-er, starting green and growing gradually darker with age, differs somewhat from darker, cooked pu-er in steeping style. Younger, greener pu-ers require a steeping method similar to other Chinese green teas using slightly cooler water and shorter infusions to avoid bitterness. We recommend infusing one teaspoon of leaf per 8 ounces of 160 to 180 F water for 2 to 3 minutes. This should provide at least 3 or 4 good infusions. In the case of pressed pu-er, it is also helpful to gently separate the individual leaves from the brick or cake using a small knife. This allows the leaf to infuse evenly providing a smoother, well-balanced brew. Older, properly aged, traditional pu-ers are much richer and smoother then their younger counterparts. However, using the same care in steeping will give you the most out of a fine, aged tea. Many also use the Gongfu style for brewing prized traditional pu-ers.

Greener pu-er can also be enjoyed “Chinese style." Merely place a few leaves at the bottom of a cup or teapot, add hot water, and cover. After a couple of minutes or so the leaf will infuse and sink to the bottom of the vessel allowing you to drink or pour from the top. When the water is down to just over the leaves, simply add more water. This style provides many infusions for a small amount of leaf.
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