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  • Famous for green tea and its Dragon Well (Long Jing), produced around West Lake in Hangzhou.
  • The national park reserve of scenic Wuyi shan mountains is home to 'rock' teas such as Da Hong Pao or 'Big Red Cape', wuyi oolong and Pine smoked black "Lapsang Souchong'.
  • Fenghuang or "Phoenix mountain' is home to the single-trunk dancong oolong teas. Also famous is 'Wu Dong Mountain' for its old tea trees.
    Phoenix, Guangdong
  • Our hometown of Portland, Oregon has its sister city 'Suzhou' in Jiangsu. It is also home to Dongting lake, famous for its 'Biluochun' green tea.
  • Best known for its Jasmine flower growing region regarded to be the best for tea scenting. Also home to 'liubao', a unique black tea with long history.
  • An area in south-central China, known for its Maojian greens, Mount Jun Silver Needles white tea, Brick black teas and spicy food.
  • An area in eastern China, famous for its 'Keemun' black teas, Mao Feng Greens of Huangshan 'Yellow Mountains' and yellow 'Huang Ya' teas.
  • The most bio-diverse and ethnically rich region in China. Famous for its old-growth tea mountains producing puer tea.
    Xishuangbanna, Yunnan
  • A remote tea area in eastern Yunnan, near the Burma-China border. Home to high elevation tea gardens for Puer, green and Golden tip teas.
    Cangyuan, Yunnan
  • An area that has become increasingly popular over the last few years in southern Yunnan. Home to the small villages of Jingmai, Manjing and Man Hong.
    Jingmai, Yunnan
  • One of the original areas for producing white teas in China. Named after the famous Chinese explorer that led expeditions to Arabia, Brunei, East Africa, India and Thailand.
    Zhenghe, Fujian
  • Anxi is well-known for a number of varieties of Oolong tea, the most well-known of which is Tieguanyin (铁观音, "Iron Boddhisatva of Mercy").
    Anxi, Fujian
  • Best known for its choicest green teas. Ningde, Fujian is undergoing a revival of its old tea gardens.