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Shan Lin Xi

A high elevation tea area (1700 to 1900 m), located in the heart of Taiwan's tea growing center, Nantou county. Shan Lin Xi is a pristine nature area known for its maples, cedars, wild flowers and scenic beauty. Although,  Shan Lin Xi has a long history of tea, only in the last twenty years has the production increased significantly.  The main tea plant varietal in the area is 'Qing Xing' oolong varietal.

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Shan Lin Xi OolongOrigin:Shanlinxi, Taiwan
Shan Lin Xi is known for its distinctive fragrance and clear, crisp taste.
Flavor Profile:Toasty, sweet and subtle floral aroma with a clear, crisp taste and body.
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Shan Lin Xi Oolong Shanlinxi, Taiwan