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The most popular tea region of India, located in Northeastern Himalayas.  Home to about 85 estates.  Annual mean temperature range is 48F - 58.F.

Darjeeling, located in the Northeastern Himalayan mountains of India, is a highly reputed tea area, regarded to produce flavorful teas with distinct muscatel aroma.  It is one of the four main tea growing regions in India and among the highest in elevation at 6000 feet.  Darjeeling has several districts and comprises at least 86 tea estates. The key districts are Darjeeling, Kurseong, Mirik and Kalimpong. Many of the tea gardens are owned by family businesses and some corporations. Over the last ten years, significant consolidation in these holdings has occurred.

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Selections from Darjeeling View Options: Pure Leaf Canisters
100% OrganicDarjeeling PrithviOrigin:Darjeeling, India
A prized Darjeeling - SFTGFOP1 leaf Grade. Sourced from the highest elevation garden.
Flavor Profile:Complex texture, bright with fruity undertones and pleasant dryness. This is our favorite Darjeeling tea of 2012 season.
$4.50 / Oz
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100% OrganicFirst Flush DarjeelingOrigin:Kurseong District, Northeast India
First plucking of the year. Distinct muscatel flavor and sweetness.
Flavor Profile:Light brew, slightly dry and crisp, with a distinct muscatel flavor and sweetness.
Out of Stock
$2.75 / Oz
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Gold DarjeelingOrigin:Darjeeling, India
Less astringent than most Darjeelings. A unique plant varietal that produces golden colored leaves. Hints of sweet citrus and clove.
Flavor Profile:Smooth, buttery, honey texture. Full-bodied brew with pleasant rose, muscatel grape like aroma.
Out of Stock
$7.00 / Oz
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100% OrganicSecond Flush DarjeelingOrigin:India
Second plucking of the year. Hearty and full-bodied with muscatel aroma.
Flavor Profile:Distinct hearty muscatel flavor.
$2.75 / Oz
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Certified OrganicDarjeeling BergamotOrigin:India
A blend of light, crisp Darjeeling black tea and the essence of Bergamot. Very aromatic, clear and smooth.
Flavor Profile:Very aromatic, clear and smooth. Refreshing as an iced tea.
Out of Stock
$2.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicDarjeeling MuscatelOrigin:India
The term 'muscatel' refers to the sweet, flowery and thirst quenching characteristic of this tea.
Flavor Profile:Sweet, flowery and thirst-quenching.
Out of Stock
$12.00 / Can
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Darjeeling Tribute FlushOrigin:Mirik, India
Flavor Profile:A refreshing, uplifting brew with complexity in flavor. The undertones comprise white grapes, fruit and slight dryness. Enjoy it either warm or iced.
$8.00 / Small Can
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100% OrganicBold Darjeeling (TGBOP)
A small leaf grade (TGBOP) Darjeeling from first flush of 2011. The small leaves give a bold personality to the brew.
Flavor Profile:Strong, complex and slightly dry.
Out of Stock
$2.00 / Oz
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100% OrganicDarjeeling Prithvi Darjeeling, India
100% OrganicFirst Flush Darjeeling Kurseong District, Northeast India
Gold Darjeeling Darjeeling, India
100% OrganicSecond Flush Darjeeling India
Certified OrganicDarjeeling Bergamot India
100% OrganicDarjeeling Muscatel India
Darjeeling Tribute Flush Mirik, India
100% OrganicBold Darjeeling (TGBOP)