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White Teas

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Imperial WhiteOrigin:Ningde, Fujian Province, China
Full-bodied chestnut aroma with a hint of smokiness.
Flavor Profile:Full-bodied chestnut aroma with a hint of smokiness. Golden brew with a mellow, lingering, nutty and vegetal flavor.
$5.00 / Oz
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100% OrganicJingmai WhiteOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
A fine white tea from the old growth tea trees of Jing Mai Mountain.
Flavor Profile:Teas from Jing Mai have a very distinct flavor. Slightly fruity, mildly sweet with a honey-like texture and smooth flavor.
$8.50 / Oz
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100% OrganicSilver NeedleOrigin:Nan Yue Heng Shan, Hunnan Province, China
Organic white tea with a rich history.
Flavor Profile:Roasted chestnut and wild honey aroma with a delicate, lingering honeysuckle sweetness.
$7.25 / Oz
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Certified OrganicWhite Earl GreyOrigin:The Tao of Tea
Natural, organic bergamot essence blended with white tea.
Flavor Profile:Fragrant, cooling citrus aroma with a light, delicate, lingering sweetness.
$7.85 / Oz
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100% OrganicWhite PeonyOrigin:Zhenghe,Nanping county, Fujian Province, China
Clear infusion, grassy, toasty, mild and light-bodied.
Flavor Profile:Delicate, herbaceous, autumnal aroma with a very smooth, sweet and nutty flavor.
$4.00 / Oz
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Imperial White Ningde, Fujian Province, China
100% OrganicJingmai White Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% OrganicSilver Needle Nan Yue Heng Shan, Hunnan Province, China
Certified OrganicWhite Earl Grey The Tao of Tea
100% OrganicWhite Peony Zhenghe,Nanping county, Fujian Province, China