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Our Distributors
Please use the map on your right to see the distributor in your area. If you are not familiar with the following distributors, please feel free to call us at 503-736-0198 or email us at and one of our sales representative will gladly help you to select the teas for your store or restaurant.


Taste The Tao of Tea's varietal teas and herbs and discover the unsweet truth why they are winning accolades from tea enthusiasts and those seeking a healthy lifestyle. Small batch microbrewed in-house with creative blending and tea tasting expertise, the selection of eleven unsweetened flavours are full of eminent freshness, aroma and passion. Only organic, full leaf teas and herbs are used with no room for sugar, extracts, oils, powders or short-cuts. When you taste our tea you will experience the integrity of pure leaves in every sip. We promise, there is something for everyone from the adventurous, to those seeking the simple comfort of delectable brewed tea. Partner with us and spread the unsweet truth.


No other beverage has shaped humanity as a cup of Chai. From India to the middle east, from Europe to Africa and the Americas. Chai has become a part of life. The secret of great Chai is its freshness and the careful brewing technique of its Chaiwalla 'tea vendor or barista'. As it has evolved into people's lives around the world, it has adopted unique nuances and persona of the resident geography. In Northern India, people like to add Almonds and Saffron to Chai. In United States - Cacao nibs, blackstrap molasses and blue agave have found a warm heart. In Europe, Lavender and Verveine can be found to provide a memorable taste. No matter where it is, the common thread Chai weaves is that of a pause in time and our ability to recognize the moment. After all, life is a sum of recognized moments.


Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) is a sacred plant from India used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It has distinct plant varietals that can be classified into the Purple Leaf 'Krishna', Green Leaf 'Rama' and Wild Forest 'Vana' Tulsi. Being in the Basil genus and because of its spiritual significance, it is sometimes referred to as 'Holy Basil'. It is Revered in most Indian households and considered to support the alchemy of one's well being. Most Indians grow Tulsi at home, symbolic of nourishment, good health and sacredness. We are proud to offer the Industry's first bottled Tulsi line. Microbrewed in small craft-style batches at our teabrewery. Three refreshing flavors: Pure, Tulsi+Lavender and Tulsi+Ginger. Unsweetened. Caffeine Free.

Varietal, Pure Iced Teas

At The Tao of Tea, we are changing the definition of iced tea by uniting creative blending that results in deliciously award-winning tea with our unwavering commitment to quality. When you taste our tea you will experience our passion and integrity in every sip. We promise, there is something for everyone from adventurous to those seeking the simple comfort of delectably brewed tea. Be a part of our movement to elevate the standard of specialty iced teas.

Distinctive Herbs

In addition to our bottled teas and tulsi, we offer a line of distinctive herbal beverages. Through these blends, we aim to provide a representation of different herbs found throughout the world. From Australian Lemon Myrtle to South African Rooibos, our herbal blends represent a wide array of caffeine free beverages.

Direct Shipping Policy

Minimum Wholesale Order

Tulsi, Herbs, Blends & Iced Tea Bottles
  • 36 bottles or multiple of 36 bottles.
  • Can be assorted flavors
  • Can be Tulsi, Iced Tea mixed

Chai Concentrate
  • 18 bottles or multiple of 18 bottles.
  • Can be assorted flavors

Shipping Charges
  • Free Ground Delivery in Continental US

Organic, Microbrewed Pure Leaf Teas & Distictive Herbs

Distributor Item Number and Availability

UNFI Nature's Best

Auburn Moreno Valley Ridgefield Rocklin
Tulsi Pure 05393 135442
Tulsi Lavender 05394 135459
Tulsi Ginger 05395 135467
Lapsang Souchong 05398 135517
Cape Town Rooibos 05400 135491
Lemon Myrtle 05399 135509
Osmanthus Oolong 05397 135475
Darjeeling 05396 135483
Tippy Assam 25511 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Gunpowder Mint 25513 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Osmanthus Oolong 25512 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

500 Mile Chai Concentrate

Yerba Mate Chai Concentrate

Tulsi Chai Concentrate

Red Bush Chai Concentrate